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Pause with Panda is a lovable toy Panda that teaches children the foundation of mindfulness practice through fun and comforting "Pauses."

Based in Science, Designed for Children

Panda audibly guides children through five mindfulness categories enabled easily by squeezing Panda's ears or paws.

Created by mental health professionals, these Pauses are based in science and delivered in a fun and alluring way for children.


Learn to use your breath to help promote a calmer, more peaceful state.


Tune into your body and senses, strengthening focus and concentration skills.


Connect to your body through gentle, mindful movements.


Cultivate kindness, compassion and empathy for yourself and others.


Snuggle up and settle children down with a comforting sleep story.

Personalize Panda

Panda pairs with a free app letting parents, teachers, and therapists personalize Panda's Pauses to those best addressing a child's specific needs. This allows for Panda to be easily updated and puts the screen in front of adults - not children.

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